Welcome Stephanie Bestelmeyer to the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Jornada LTER program would like to welcome Dr. Stephanie Bestelmeyer as its newest member. Holding a Ph.D. in Biology from Colorado State University as well as a B.S. in Biology and minor in Teaching from the University of California San Diego, Dr. Bestelmeyer has been working with the Asombro Institute for Science Education for more than 20 years to help it grow into the community keystone nonprofit it is today. Because of the hard work of Dr. Bestelmeyer and the entire Asombro staff, the institute is able to serve more than 22,000 K-12 students and 1,500 adults in New Mexico and Texas through its scientific programs. Asombro’s hands-on educational programs take place in classrooms and in the 935-acre Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park, located on the southwest border of the Jornada Experimental Range. Stephanie’s presence on the executive committee of the Jornada will only strengthen the commitment of the Jornada LTER to prioritize community outreach and ecological education.

For more information about the Asombro Institute for Science Education, click on the link here.