Introducing… Cameron!

Please welcome Cameron Duquette, our newest Jornada postdoctoral researcher! 

Originally from central Massachusetts, Cameron majored in Wildlife and Conservation Biology at the University of New Hampshire. He then continued his education at Oklahoma State University, where his master’s thesis focused on the effects of the oil and gas industry on Northern Bobwhite habitat selection. Most recently, Cameron finished his PhD at North Dakota State University, where he studied the effects of patch-burn grazing on floral resources, avian community composition, and avian nest success. 

Cameron hopes to focus his post-doctoral research on synthesizing long-term Jornada data to improve the prediction of ecological state changes, starting with the Jornada’s long-term net primary productivity data. 

Cameron found his passion for rangelands the summer after he finished his bachelor’s degree, when he worked with a graduate student from NMSU studying prairie chickens in eastern New Mexico. His general research interests are spatial ecology and its relation to global change, as well as wildlife biology. In his free time, Cameron can be found playing guitar, hiking trails, and watching birds.