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Desert Ecology Short-Course 2021

This year’s Jornada LTER Desert Ecology Short-Course took place as a hybrid (virtual and in-person) event from June 28-30, 2021 and was well-attended by graduate students and Jornada researchers. This year’s short-course included many exciting and informative sessions such as student presentations, investigator talks, field visits, data management workshops, and a data jam. Topics included …

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Insights from Long-Term Research

This month in Ecosphere, researchers from across the LTER network shared a collection of insights learned from 40-years of long-term research. The special feature, “Forecasting Earth’s Ecosystems with Long-Term Ecological Research”, includes papers that touch on themes of cascading effects, time lags, connectivity, state changes, and resilience. Several researchers from the Jornada, along with researchers …

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