Ecology Short Course for Graduate Students

The Jornada Basin LTER hosts a “Desert Ecology Short Course” each summer for graduate students and visiting scientists. The objective of the course is to orient attendees on the history of research at the Jornada, the science currently being conducted, and emerging scientific questions that need to be researched in the future. The short course is a great opportunity for interactions between students and the PIs.

The next Desert Ecology Short Course is tentatively scheduled for mid-July 2020. Contact Dr. Niall Hanan ( for more information

2020 Ecology Short Course posts

  • Jornada Desert Ecology Short-Course 2020
    This year’s Jornada LTER Desert Ecology Short-Course took place as a virtual event from July 13-15th, 2020 and was well-attended by graduate students and Jornada researchers. This year’s short-course included many exciting and informative sessions such as student presentations, PI lightning talks, geological and geomorphological virtual field tours, discussions on diversity, equity, and inclusion, data …

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