2023 Annual Desert Ecology Short-Course

The 2023 annual Jornada LTER Desert Ecology Short-Course took place at the Jornada Experimental Range from June 27-29, 2023. It was well-attended by over 60 graduate students, Jornada researchers, and visitors from other universities and LTER sites. This year’s short-course included student presentations, field visits, and exciting brainstorming sessions to plan the future of the Jornada LTER program. Thanks for coming, and hope to see all of you next year!

Dr. Marguerite Mauritz showcases the high-tech eddy covariance flux towers that monitor landscape carbon and water exchange at the Jornada.

PhD candidate Pari Sapkota demonstrates her experiment that explores the relationship between landscape wind erosion/connectivity and biocrust activity.

Recently graduated MS student Charles Kimsal explains his research to Jornada Lead PI Niall Hanan during the scientific poster session.