Graduate Student Research Fellowships

The Jornada Basin LTER provides support for half-time, 12 month (up to $24,000/y) and summer research fellowships (up to $6000/summer) for graduate students conducting research directly related to the goals of the Jornada LTER. Graduate Research Fellows may be eligible for up to 2 years (halftime) or 2 summers of support, for students in good standing with their university and with the Jornada LTER Program. The number of fellowships and amount each year depends on funds available. For details and instructions regarding the 2021 fellowship program, see the attached flier and application form.

Applications are due to Nina Joffe by March 15, 2021. Email Nina ( or Niall ( if you have any questions.

2020-2021 fellows and their projects

  • Courtney Currier
    Long-term directional changes in precipitation on ecosystem functioning: From plant phenology to nutrient cycling
  • Mikaela Hoellrich
    Linking Biogeochemical Function and Microbial Diversity in Chihuahuan Desert Biocrusts
  • Samuel Jordan
    Drought and disturbance in North American Drylands
  • Zachary Keller
    Hillslope-Channel Connectivity in Runoff across a Bajada Landscape
  • Molly Reichenborn
    Impacts of Mesquite Control on Plant Recovery and Plant-Insect Interactions
  • Caroline Toth
    Demographic bottlenecks as drivers of dominant shrub distribution in the Jornada Basin
  • Tyler Turk
    Connectivity and Seed Availability: the Role of Seeds in Chihuahuan Desert State Transitions
  • Christopher Vito
    Effects of long-term alterations of precipitation on community and ecosystem functioning
  • Robert Wojcikiewicz
    Remote sensing of biotic and abiotic factors contributing to shrub encroachment in dryland ecosystems