Indigenous Land Acknowledgement

We, the personnel of the Jornada Basin LTER, acknowledge the inherent importance of diversity in collective experience and ecological understanding. The Jornada Basin includes ancestral lands of the Indigenous Pueblo, Apache, and other native peoples. We recognize that the Jornada LTER occupies these lands without the consent of these rightful guardians, and benefits from their ongoing stewardship and place-based knowledge. In offering this land acknowledgement, we affirm Indigenous experience and pledge to have meaningful relationships with the sovereign Indian Nations and Native American Peoples within our own communities and institutions.

About this acknowledgement

The acknowledgement above was developed in a consensus process between several Jornada stakeholder groups and the Jornada LTER Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee. It is meant to be a living document that guides the Jornada Basin LTER program’s actions and commitment toward engaging with indigenous peoples and communities. We ask that the acknowledgement be included in print, digital, and other public media materials associated with the program where appropriate. For example, the acknowledgement should be made visible in forums with a public reach beyond the local Jornada community, such as national and international conferences. If the long-form version of the acknowledgement is not suitable or appropriate, a shortened version like the one below may be used.

The Jornada Basin LTER is located on the ancestral lands of the indigenous Pueblo, Apache, and other native peoples. We acknowledge that these lands are occupied without consent and affirm the experience and place-based knowledge of their original inhabitants.