PhenoCam Network

There are 11 cameras in the Jornada Basin that are members of the PhenoCam network and are collecting repeat ground-based images. Imagery can be browsed at the PhenoCam website and at least 2 derived data products have been published. Data links for Jornada cameras and published Phenocam network datasets are listed in the “Data in other repositories” tab of the Jornada LTER data catalog.


  • See the 12 Jornada cameras on the PhenoCam network map
  • The PhenoCam website has some data access tools, and there is an R package to access and analyze recent images.
  • The Jornada site names are: jershrubland, jernovel, jernort, jernwern, jerbajada, jergrassland, jersand, ibp, ibp0, NEON.D14.JORN.DP1.00033, and NEON.D14.JORN.DP1.00042 (the last 2 are at the NEON site, see above).