New Jornada Research in PNAS

Jornada researchers Laureano Gherardi and Osvaldo Sala recently published a new paper in PNAS. For the first time, they were able to calculate global Belowground Net Primary Production (BNPP), 24 Pg yr-1. Globally, BNPP accounted for 46% of global Net Primary Production.  The paper highlights a novel approach to calculating global belowground productivity and fixed carbon across biomes. Their approach is also used to further understand how belowground carbon productivity would respond to climate and land-use change. The publication can be found at

Fig. 4. Geographical patterns of BNPP and the fraction of productivity allocated belowground. (A) Global BNPP geographical patterns across major biomes. (B) Global F-BNPP patterns across major biomes. BNPP and F-BNPP were estimated using the best-fitting model after testing combinations of 10 climatic variables and precipitation by temperature interactions (SI Appendix, Tables S1 and S2).