MSc Thesis Defense Seminar: Caroline Toth

Caroline Toth will defend her master’s research next Wednesday afternoon, March 24 at 3 pm.  Caroline is a graduate student in Plant and Environmental Sciences (PES) at NMSU and a Jornada Basin LTER Graduate Research Fellow.   

Caroline’s public seminar will (it’s hard to believe, after all this time) be filmed in front of a live audience.  Well, ‘zoomed’ in front of a live audience might be a more accurate description.  It will, of course, also be live-streamed via zoom.  The in person seminar room can only accommodate about 20 masked and distanced people, so RSVP early if you want to reserve an in-person seat (see details in the flier).  Seats in the zoom gallery are unlimited; see below flier for details!

Title: “Weather, soil, and microbial interactions determine seed germination and seedling demographic bottlenecks in Chihuahuan Desert shrubs”

Date and Time: Wednesday March 24 @ 3 pm