Jornada Graduate and REU Fellowships Announced

The 2021-2022 Jornada LTER Graduate Fellowship and REU recipients have been announced. This year, we were excited to add the Deb Peters Dryland Fellowship to our graduate research program, which is funded by New Mexico State University’s College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences. This year’s awardees are listed below along with their project titles. Student bios and more details on our REU-led projects will be forthcoming!

Kieran Andreoni                                                        Jornada LTER GRFP                                                Mammalian Herbivores and State Transitions: Effects of Invasive Oryx Relative to Native Small Mammals and Livestock 

Seth Burruss                                                                          Deb Peters Dryland Fellowship            Estimating Biological Soil Crust Cover in the Chihuahuan Desert using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  

Courtney Currier                                                    Jornada LTER GRFP                                                Long-Term Directional Changes in Precipitation on Ecosystem Functioning: From Plant Phenology to Nutrient Cycling

Mikaela Hoellrich                                                            Deb Peters Dryland Fellowship                    Linking Biogeochemical Function to Microbial Diversity: Biocrust Nitrogen Fixation            

Sam Jordan                                                                 Jornada LTER GRFP                                              Drought and Disturbance in North American Drylands

Charlie Kimsal                                                          Jornada LTER GRFP                                              Characterization of Subsurface Water Flow and Hydrologic Connectivity Across a Heterogeneous Bajada Landscape

Corey Nelson                                                          Jornada LTER GRFP                                              Interactions in the Microbiome of the Biological Soil Crust Cyanobacterium, Microcoleus vaginatus

Julie Bethany Rakes                                              Jornada LTER GRFP                                                           A Bacterium Predatory on Cyanobacteria from Biological Soil Crusts

Molly Reichenborn                                                  Jornada LTER GRFP                                               Impacts of Mesquite Control on Plant Recovery

Ryan Schroeder                                                                  Deb Peters Dryland Fellowship                  Rangeland Seed Bank Dynamics: Understanding How Soil Properties and Land Management Strategies Influence Seed Bank Suitability and Pathways for Ecosystem Restoration

Tyler Turk                                                                             Deb Peters Dryland Fellowship                    Connectivity and Seed Availability: The Role of Seeds in Chihuahuan Desert State Transitions

Chris Vito                                                                     Jornada LTER GRFP                                            Belowground Net Primary Production Response to Changes in Precipitation: Effects of Amount and Time of Precipitation on Plant Functional Groups

William Beamon                                                            REU                                                                                Project Title TBD

Adrianna Tafoya                                                               REU                                                                               Project Title TBD