An exciting summer ahead

This summer is shaping up to be an exciting one at the Jornada. We’ve got a great group of incoming graduate and undergraduate researchers and an enriching Desert Ecology Short Course is in the works. Here are a few announcements and reminders:

  • We’d like to congratulate the four new recipients of the Jornada Graduate Research Fellowship this summer. Read about them and their projects below. We also congratulate Pari Sapkota, who is continuing as a GRFP fellow and as our LTER student representative (much appreciated Pari!).
  • This summer we also welcome four new NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) students who will be venturing out to the Jornada very soon. Congratulations and welcome to Mary Salibi, Yareni Avila, Matthew Becker, and Limber Martinez.
  • The Jornada Desert Ecology Short Course will happen June 25-27th this year. We are planning a variety of field trips, science sessions, workshops, and social events. We look forward to seeing you and welcome your contributions to the oral or poster sessions we are planning (submit presentation abstracts here).

Michael Mba Kusibu

Harnessing the Potential of Dryland Cyanobacteria for Environmental Sustainability and Dryland Ecosystem Restoration Advisor: Nicole…

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Ana Mercedes Heredia Velasquez

Improving the biocrust re-inoculation process by understanding Microcoleus vaginatus symbiosis with the nitrogen-fixing heterotrophs in…

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Lance Fountain

Spatial and temporal factors that influence Pogonomyrmex rugosus seed preference for rangeland restoration needs Advisor:…

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Annessa Foss

Flower phenology in a dryland ecosystem as affected by climate Advisor: Osvaldo Sala

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