Steven Archer

Steven Archer

Title & Affiliation(s):

  • Co-Principal Investigator, Jornada Basin LTER
  • Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment, University of Arizona

Primary Research Interests:

  • biogeochemistry, carbon and nitrogen cycles, physiological ecology, plant ecology

Selected Publications:

  • Pierce N, Archer SR, Bestelmeyer BT. 2020. Competition suppresses shrubs during early, but not late, stages of arid grassland-to-shrubland transition. Funct Ecol. (In Press.)
  • Pierce N, Archer SR, Bestelmeyer BT, James DK. 2019. Grass-shrub competition in arid lands: an overlooked driver in grassland-shrubland state transition? Ecosystems. 22:619-628
  • Ji W, Hanan NP, Browning DM, Monger HC, Peters DPC, Bestelmeyer BT, Archer SR, Ross CW, Lind BM, Anchang J, Kumar SS, Prihodko L. 2019. Constraints on shrub cover and shrub-shrub competition in a U.S. Southwest desert. Ecosphere. 10: e02590.
  • Archer SR, and Predick KI. 2014. An ecosystem services perspective on brush management: research priorities for competing land use objectives. J Ecol. 102:1394-1407.
  • Browning DM, and Archer SR. 2011. Protection from livestock fails to deter shrub proliferation in a desert landscape with a history of heavy grazing. Ecol Appl. 21:1629–1642.

Synergistic Activities:

  • Co-Organizer of NCEAS ‘Interactions in Mixed Tree-Grass Systems’ project
  • Member: SCOPE/FAO Global Biogeochemistry Consequences subgroup in “Livestock in a changing landscape” initiative. Co-lead for chapter on Livestock and the global carbon cycle
  • Member: Writing Team, US Climate Change Science Program Synthesis: “Effects of global change on agriculture, biodiversity, land, & water resources” (co-lead on Land Resources chapter)
  • Member: Writing Team, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Conservation Effects Assessment Program (Lead Author on Shrub Ecology and Management chapter)
  • Member: Writing Team, US Global Change Research Program National Climate Assessment Indicators Project (Grasslands group)