Nicole Pietrasiak

Nicole Pietrasiak

Title & Affiliation(s):

  • Assistant Professor, New Mexico State University

Selected Publications:

  • Burke DJ, Pietrasiak N, Situ SF, et al. 2015. Iron oxide and titanium dioxide nanoparticle effects on plant performance and root associated microbes. Int J Mol Sci. 16: 23630-23650.
  • Pietrasiak N, Drenovsky RE, Santiago LS, Graham RC. 2014. Biogeomorphology of a Mojave Desert landscape – configurations and feedbacks of abiotic and biotic land surfaces during landform evolution. Geomorphology. 206: 23-36.
  • Patzelt DJ, Hodač L, Friedl T, et al. 2014. Biodiversity of soil cyanobacteria in the hyper-arid Atacama Desert, Chile, assessed by culture dependent and independent approaches. J Phycol. 50: 698-710
  • Pietrasiak N, Regus JU, Johansen JR, et al. 2013. Biological soil crust community types differ in key ecological functions. Soil Biol Biochem. 65: 168-171.
  • Pietrasiak N, Johansen JR, Drenovsky RE. 2011. Geologic composition influences distribution of microbiotic crusts in the Mojave and Colorado Deserts at the regional scale. Soil Biol Biochem. 43:967-974.

Synergistic Activities:

  • Workshop Instructor: (2008-present) Biological Soil Crusts for the Desert Institute, Joshua Tree National Park Association; NRCS-USDA staff of the Southern California divisions 2011, University of Mendoza, Argentina.
  • Mentor: Undergraduate and graduate students at UCR, JCU, NMSU (total of 21)
  • Algae Collection Curator: John Carroll University Algal Culture Collection, over 3000 isolates