Enrique Vivoni

Enrique Vivoni

Title & Affiliation(s):

  • Professor and Associate Dean, Arizona State University
  • Senior Sustainability Scientist, Arizona State University

Selected Publications:

  • Schreiner-McGraw AP, Vivoni ER, Ajami H, Sala OE, Throop HL, and Peters DPC. 2020. Woody Plant Encroachment is Expected to Have a Larger Impact than Climate Change on Dryland Water Budgets. Scientific Reports. 10: 8112.
  • Schreiner-McGraw AP, Ajami H, and Vivoni ER. 2019. Extreme Weather Events and Transmission Losses in Arid Streams. Environmental Research Letters. 14: 084002.
  • Schreiner-McGraw AP, and Vivoni ER. 2018. On the Sensitivity of Hillslope Runoff and Channel Transmission Losses in Arid Piedmont Slopes. Water Resources Research 54: 4498-4518.
  • Schreiner-McGraw AP, and Vivoni ER. 2017. Percolation observations in an arid piedmont watershed and linkages to historical conditions in the Chihuahuan Desert. Ecosphere. 8: e02000.
  • Templeton RC, Vivoni ER, Méndez-Barroso LA, Pierini NA, Anderson CA, Rango A, Laliberte AS, and Scott RL. 2014. High-resolution characterization of a semiarid watershed: implications on evapotranspiration estimates. J Hydrol. 509: 306-319.
  • Vivoni ER, Rango A, Anderson CA, Pierini NA, Schreiner-McGraw AP, Saripalli S, and Laliberte AS. 2014. Ecohydrology with unmanned aerial vehicles. Ecosphere. 5: 1-14.
  • Vivoni, ER. 2012. Spatial patterns, processes and predictions in ecohydrology: integrating technologies to meet the challenge. Ecohydrology. 5: 235-241.

Synergistic Activities:

  • Advisor and mentor: 26 graduate students, 6 postdocs and 40 undergraduate students at Arizona State University (2009-present).
  • Community outreach: Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Future Faculty Program, Fulbright Scholar Program. (Arizona State University, 2009-present)
  • Associate Editor: Journal of Hydrology and Journal of Arid Environments.
  • Executive committee member: ASU Global Drylands Center and Decision Center for a Desert City.