Colby Brungard

Colby Brungard

Title & Affiliation(s):

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, NMSU

Selected Publications:

  • Ross CW, Grunwald S, Vogel JG, Markewitz D, Jokela EJ, Martin TA, Bracho R, Bacon AR, Brungard CW, Xiong X. (Accepted). Accounting for two-billion tons of stabilized soil carbon. Sci Total Environ.
  • Peters DC, Burruss ND, Okin GS, Hatfield JL, Scroggs SLP, Huang H, Brungard CW, Jin Yao J. (Accepted). Deciphering the past to inform the future: preparing for the next big extreme event. Front Ecol Environ.
  • Chaney NW, Minasny B, Herman JD, Nauman TW, Brungard CW, Morgan CLS, McBratney AB, Wood EF, Yimam, Y. 2019. POLARIS properties: 30-meter probabilistic maps of soil properties over the contiguous United States. Water Resour Res. doi/10.1029/2018WR022797
  • Chaney NW, Wood EF, McBratney AB, Hempel JW, Nauman TW, Brungard CW, Odgers NP. 2016. POLARIS: a 30-meter probabilistic soil series map of the contiguous United States. Geoderma. 274: 54-67. doi:10.1016/j.geoderma.2016.03.025.
  • Brungard CW, Boettinger JL, Duniway MC, Wills SA, Edwards TC. 2015. Machine learning for predicting soil classes in three arid landscapes. Geoderma. 239-240: 68-83.

Synergistic Activities:

  • Member: Scientific Program Committee, Pedometrics (June 26-July 2, 2017) Wageningen, NL
  • Member: National Cooperative Soil Survey Research Needs Committee (2017-present)
  • Chair: Research Needs Committee, Western Regional Cooperative Soil Survey Workshop (May 20-25, 2018) Tucson, AZ