Structure and Function of a Chihuahuan Desert Ecosystem: The Jornada Basin Long-Term Ecological Research Site

In 2006 scientists working in the Jornada basin published a book that synthesized much of the research conducted in this basin during the 20th century. This synthesis volume was published as a contribution to the Long-Term Ecological Research Network series through Oxford University Press. Individual PDF copies of each chapter of this book are provided below. The published volume is still in print and available through normal outlets.

Edited by Kris M. Havstad, Laura F. Huenneke, and William H. Schlesinger

  1. Introduction – Kris M. Havstad and William H. Schlesinger
  2. Regional Setting of the Jornada Basin – H. Curtis Monger, Greg H. Mack, Barbara A. Nolen, and Leland H. Gile
  3. Climate and Climatological Variations in the Jornada Basin – John Wainright
  4. Soil Development in the Jornada Basin – H. Curtis Monger
  5. Patterns and Controls of Soil Water in the Jornada Basin – Keirith A. Snyder, Katherine A. Mitchell, and Jeffrey E. Herrick
  6. Nutrient Cycling  Within an Arid Ecosystem – William H. Schlesinger, Sandy L. Tartowski, and Sebastian M. Schmidt
  7. Biogeochemical Fluxes across Piedmont Slopes of the Jornada Basin – Athol D. Abrahams, Melissa Neave, William H. Schlesinger, John Wainright, David A. Howes, and Anthony J. Parsons
  8. Water and Energy Balances within the Jornada Basin – Vincent P. Gutschick and Keirith A. Snyder
  9. Eolian Processes on the Jornada Basin – Dale Gillette and Curtis Monger
  10. Plant Communities in the Jornada Basin: The Dynamic Landscape – Debra P. C. Peters and Robert P. Gibbens
  11. Patterns of Net Primary Production in Chihuahuan Desert Ecosystems – Laura F. Huenneke and William H. Schlesinger
  12. Chihuahuan Desert Fauna: Effects on Ecosystem Properties and Processes – Walter G. Whitford and Brandon T. Bestelmeyer
  13. Grazing Livestock Management in an Arid Ecosystem – Kris M. Havstad, Ed L. Fredrickson, and Laura F. Huenneke
  14. Remediation Research in the Jornada Basin: Past and Future – Jeffrey E. Herrick, Kris M. Havstad, and Albert Rango
  15. Applications of Remotely Sensed Data from the Jornada Basin – Albert Rango, Jerry Ritchie, Tom Schmugge, William Kustas, and Mark J. Chopping
  16. Modeling the Unique Attributes of Arid Ecosystems: Lessons from the Jornada Basin – James F. Reynolds, Paul R. Kemp, Kiona Ogle, Roberto J. Fernández, Qiong Gao, and Jianguo Wu
  17. A Holistic View of an an Arid Ecosystem: A Synthesis of Research and Its Applications – Brandon T. Bestelmeyer, Joel R. Brown, Kris M. Havstad, and Ed L. Frederickson
  18. Future Directions in Jornada Research: Applying an Interactive Landscape Model to Solve Problems – Debra P. C. Peters, William H. Schlesinger, Jeffrey E. Herrick, Laura F. Huenneke, and Kris M. Havstad