Jornada Representation at the 2022 LTER Network All Scientists’ Meeting

Last week, PIs, collaborators, and students from the Jornada Basin LTER site were able to participate in the LTER Network All Scientists’ Meeting, which had been postponed in previous years due to COVID-19. This year’s meeting, which took place at Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, CA, hosted scientists from LTER sites from all over the United States and beyond.

This year’s meeting theme, “Generations”, focused on the knowledge, data, and perspectives that can only result from 40+ years of long-term research and long-lasting programs. However, the sustainability of the LTER not only depends on drawing knowledge from our past, but also listening to the voices of young scientists as well. The Jornada team gathered many exciting and novel approaches to data, scientific theory, and program management at this meeting. We can’t wait to implement them to better serve our scientific and local communities!

The Jornada Basin LTER delegates at the 2022 All Scientists’ Meeting in Pacific Grove, CA. Back Row (from left): Niall Hanan, John Anderson, Eli Perez-Ruiz, Mike Fischella, Dylan Burruss, Greg Okin, Amy Hudson, Greg Maurer, Dylan Stover. Front Row (from left): Chris Vito, Madeline Buhman, Pari Sapkota, Molly Reichenborn, Trevor Roberts, Marguerite Mauritz-Tozer, Madeleine Soss.